Providing Services and Personnel to Preserve One's Independence

Sue Lawrence, L.P.N.,  Co-Founder, Homebound Angels LLC

With over 25 years in geriatric health care in private in-home settings and nursing homes, Sue believes in living each day as safely and as independently as one can.  She values the opportunity to keep the joys of life alive regardless of health concerns or limitations.  Her mission is to provide complete care to those experiencing challenges, so, she built a network of Homebound Angels who share in her philosophy of living each day to the fullest.

It is Sue's determination, genuine concern, support, unending energy and infectious joy that sets her apart from all others. Just ask her references, they will tell you.

Angjelina Gojka, Co-Founder, Homebound Angels LLC

With 18 years of hospital experience, Angjelina Gojka currently works on the cardiac floor of Beaumont Hospital.  She is also the owner/operator of an assisted living facility located in Troy, Michigan.   She pledges honesty and dedication to the needs of  her residents as well as the support to make the transition as easy as possible.

She and her staff provide home-cooked, nutritious meals and snacks, hospice care, translation services in Albanian and Italian, dementia and memory care, Alzheimer's care and 24 hour nursing assistant supervision.

Homebound Angels LLC Staff Network

Homebound Angels is pleased to have an extensive network of dedicated care-givers and health care providers, but it is truly the shared philosophy that sets us apart from all others.  We complete background checks on all staff members and are fully insured.  If you have had negative experiences in the past, we encourage you to call.  We can evaluate your particular circumstances to devise a Care Plan customized for your needs.